Hello…I’m Dominique.

I’m a wife and mama from the sweet southern state of North Carolina! I’ve worked in retail, hospitality, food service and photography! I’ve always had a “job” that required me to give my time.

After I had my two boys, life started to change. I became a stay-at-home mama while working my photography business from home and was constantly trying to figure out how to balance my home life with my work life.

My husband is in real estate and between the both of us, we are used to “commission” based jobs. Never knowing when our next pay day would happen was getting old and I really craved more stability and financial freedom. And as a wife and mama, I wanted more time with my family!

Then I found affiliate marketing!

travel the world
travel the world
I wanted more out of life than the 9-5 lifestyle!

I wanted to travel more and take my family with me! I wanted to be able to create a lifestyle that gave us the freedom to go see the places we wanted to see without being concerned about all the costs. I wanted my boys to see the world and I wanted us to have the time and money to do it together!

And I Give You…

The Freedom Affiliate Launch

This incredible online course shows you step by step the EXACT framework you need to build a successful, automated online lifestyle business! This course gave me everything I needed to ignite my marketing business forward! It literally holds your hand the entire way through and guides you through the whole process with ease!

What I love about this course is the combination of business and mindset! It teaches you how to change your preconceived notions about money while guiding you to build an incredible business foundation!

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